Death Rattle

by Meth Mouth

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released July 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Meth Mouth Syracuse, New York

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Track Name: Cold Fear
Hiding from your weakness behind a badge and a gun.

Controlling the weak with intimidation. Now you've run out of places to run.

Do you still see his face? Staring back, your foot on his fucking neck.
Do you still hear his words? Begging for the promise to protect and serve.

A hollow vow sworn to protect.
But I see now you're just afraid.

Living in cold fear.
Acting in cold fear.
It's time that we fight back.
Track Name: Death Rattle (Feat Sean Mott of GhostxShip)
Quickly losing faith, in a world against me. Haunted by the ghosts of darker days.

Demons of my past have turned me to stone. So I'll hang my head, and die alone.

Death's cold blank stare taking me away from reality.
Track Name: Cycle of Misery (Ft. Keith Allen of GhostxShip)
Trapped in a world, that wasn't meant for me. Try to break this cycle of misery. Look at myself, I no longer see me. I'm left with nothing. Nothing.

Prisoner of life, Prophet of regret. Fighting to stay strong when I'm left behind. I'm left behind.

It's been building in the back of my mind, is this life for me, or is it time, to take back every word that I said. Ease this pain that's been building inside my head.

Bound by chains, shackles and screams. I've felt my youth drained from me. Rip out my eyes, so I can't see, what this fucking world has done to me.

At the edge staring over the cliff. How did I let my life come to this?
Track Name: Sleep Paralysis (Ft. Max Gouldner of Go Forth)
Twenty two years wasted. Searching for something that I know I'll never find. Restlessness has taken me out of my mind.

How can I move forward? Knowing every day is just like the last. My future destroyed by my past.

Try and try to pull it together. But it never works. I'll find no peace in this life. Not until I'm six feet under dirt.

Just set me free from a life plagued with agony. I've come too far to let my life be the death of me.
Track Name: Daggers
So what the fuck you think you're gonna do. When everyone you love turns their back on you?

You bend and bend and bend eventually you'll break. Won't feel your heart beat you'll never take

Another breath

You feel it slip away
The darkness grows

Losing everything

You stabbed that dagger
Into your own skin

Drew your own blood
Did yourself in

Only a stone marks the man you used to be. Nothing but memories.

You became your fears. Nothing left inside. Willing prisoner of your own mind.

Nothing left to say. Nothing left to hide. Left everyone to wonder why.

Death rattle
You chose your own way